Sunday, June 7, 2009

Weekend at O'Bannon Woods

Drew loved the water and so did Sammy. They both splashed around until they couldn't splash anymore! It was Sammy's first time and he did so well! He didn't want to get out! No one could really blame him! It was hot out there!

Drew mostly hung with my mom. Those two definately live in their own little world when they are together! He really loved everything about the children's part of the pool and he knew that he could count on "mamaw girl" to let him experience each and every part of that park.

We also had smores. It was awesome! Drew really did a good job helping Brandon roast those marshmallows! Surprisingly, Drew really only wanted to eat the "unroasted" marshmallows! He could have cared less about those smores! I sure enjoyed them though!
O'Bannon woods is such a beautiful park. Its really not far from where we live at all and we truly love the atmosphere! As soon as I pull through those gates I relax! Its a little piece of heaven on earth!

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