Monday, June 22, 2009

My view on family....

Just for the record, I don't regularly watch the show but I am seriously sad about Jon & Kate + 8. Their kiddos need them. I feel that those two have exploited their kids by plastering their faces all over the world and now they have done the unthinkable by airing their dirty laundry for the whole world to see.

People always say what they "would do" if their partner were to stray - so I'm not trying to judge them for any decisions that they make in their marriage BUT - I feel like they owe it to their children to stay together and make it work.

My husband means the world to me. Yesterday was Father's day and there were so many moments where I would look at Brandon and the boys and thank God for making me so deserving of such a wonderful family. We don't have a lot of money or fine "things" but what we do have is each other and if we are rich in anything it is LOVE. I can only pray that my boys will always know that their parents are a package deal and that we will lean on each other when times get tough.

We are fortunate for both of our parents to be married. Granted, I'm sure both sets have had their own trials and tribulations (I can definitely speak for my parents) but they loved us enough to set a good example - and through their actions taught us how to be a strong family.

This is what I want for Jon & Kate. I don't want to see their kids turn out to be drug addicted child celebrities. Through their actions, they need to work through this for those 8 children that didn't ask to be here.

Drew is having some behavior issues as school - and Brandon and I have vowed to work very hard to lead him down the right path. I want my kids to be kind, loving people - I want them to hold all people with the same regard that they would hold a member of our own family. Our kids are our responsibility - I hope that Jon and Kate realize this for themselves.
As I type this, I feel a certain level of guilt for judging them - but at as I stated earlier; those children are THEIR responsibility and THEY made the decision to paste their innocent little faces all over the world.

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