Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

I stayed home with the kids on Friday because Sammy had a cough. It took me a while to coax Drew into taking a nap. This is how I found him.

He is just precious to me. Drew will give every excuse in the world as to why he doesn't need to go to sleep - but once he gets there he really does seem to enjoy himself.

Watching my boys sleep is truly one of my favorite past times. They will not be little forever - I'm not sure that it would be normal to watch my sons sleep when they're grown. We'll see though - if I'm still blogging then maybe I'll have an answer.

My Samuel is One!!!

He sure is happy about being one! He hasn't had a cake yet because we wanted to wait for his birthday party... I couldn't get him to hold still for pictures but what I love is that these show his true personality!
He is still a baby in my eyes - always will be!


Drew won this Pirate hat at Navilleton Picnic last Sunday while playing in the ring toss booth. I'm still not sure how he did it... He couldn't exactly get the hang of tossing those rings but the last one landed on the little thingy and he was so proud to pick his prize.

Jason came over and helped him make a "peg leg"... We're really excited about Halloween this year. Both boys are going to be Pirates - I can't wait for Drew to really get to wear that hat!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sammy & Manny

It seems that Samuel made a new friend... Greg, Clarissa and James got a new Chocolate Lab and he is soooo cute and he is so interested in Sammy.

Sammy loved to hug and cuddle Manny - Manny liked to hug and cuddle Samuel.

It was so precious. Sammy would just hug and kiss him - all I heard was "awwwwwwwwwwwww" and Sammy would kiss him and pat his back.

There were three or four other babies there but Sam made friends with the dog.

Friday, July 17, 2009

John Deere...

Drew loves cutting the grass with his dad. Safety issues make me a little nervous but I sure do love watching those two smile together.

Brandon and Drew definitely have a unique father and son bond. I'm so proud of them!

Nothin Cuter....

There's nothing cuter than a baby boy in the bath tub... Well, maybe there is - who doesn't love to see a cute baby butt in the bathtub???
Samuel is doomed! Wait until he brings his first girlfriend home!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Another Peek....

Here's my couch... Not all that great as it is obviously a "slipcover". What I really wanted to show you was the painting above the couch. I have been stalking that thing for 3 weeks! I went to the Goodwill three different times. The first two, that painting had a $15 sticker on it. I told myself that if I went a third time and it was still there, I would use my beloved "$10" off preferred customer coupon. Needless to say, last Saturday, I brought it home with me. Its a hung a little high but I'll just have to have Brandon move it down.

This shelf came into my marriage with Brandon. I pulled it out of the basement "as is" and decorated it with some of my favorite photos and some other items that I've been collecting for a while - all purchased at Goodwill! The cross above the shelf was a $2 good will special! Not bad huh?

Monday, July 13, 2009

A few of my favs...

After painting this weekend, I got to pull out some of my favorite thrift store items. Obviously, each person has their own style - I'm more of a "shabby chic". This teapot was $2 at the Goodwill in Salem. Its worn so it caught my eye.

Here are my new "old" canisters. I love them because they tie the colors of the room together. The painted fruit design is chipped - but that is the best part! Not bad for $3!!

This is the third part of my new "old" canister collection. The lid was missing so I use it to hold utensils.
Stay tuned.... There is more work to be done!

Where I've been....

Painting.... Painting and more painting... Trying to get the decor together as we speak.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Not in the mood to blog....

Samuel and I left the lake yesterday due to the rain. The rest of the group stayed back... It seems that no one but me was concerned about the rain.

The reality of the situation was that I had a filthy house that was calling my name and I had to answer it. We are painting the upstairs and staining the basement floor next weekend and I know that this is not a small task. Brandon is starting to get jittery about the whole thing but I know that he will be relieved this time next week when it is all over!

I have several pictures (that will come at a later time) from our weekend but I will leave you with this one of my dad and Sammy.

I love it.... My dad loves my boys so much and for that I am so grateful.