Monday, June 29, 2009

Weeeddddyyyyy Garden!!!!

We took Drew outside today to check the garden. Brandon has been pretty busy with work lately so it is full of weeds. Those weeds haven't kept the vegetables from growing!

Here is our first tomato. We can't wait for those big plump, red juicy things to ripen! If we get enough, I may even take a stab at making fried green tomatoes!!! We'll see how that goes - I don't really cook but now that we have the boys I feel like I have this "motherly obligation" to learn.

What is this? Maybe squash or zucchini??? Either way - I love them both.

Here's some of our corn coming up.... Look at all those weeds! Poor Brandon!

Once again, there he is - explaining this whole garden process in detail. Drew usually has some pretty interesting questions. Truth be told - he is most interested in the pumpkins. It will be a while on those!

Here's our pear tree! They're getting bigger! I can't wait for those either - Samuel will be in heaven!

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