Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dr. Jeckyl ---- Mr. Hyde

Dinnertime... What a happy time for Samuel. Well - anytime that food is involved this kiddo is happy. He oohs and coos and claps his hands as he shoves handfuls of food into his mouth. Some of his favorites are green beans, peas, bananas or really anything that you will give him... I love this little Sammy - it sure doesn't take much to make him smile.

This is what happens when you say "all gone"... The boy transforms into a stranger - someone or something from a foreign land that is coming after me with a vengeance. Veins are popping, tears are flowing and some of the most dramatic screaming occurs until you refill his tray. I dread the "end" of dinner. The rest of our family has to eat as fast as we possibly can because if we don't the little "Sergeant" grunts and lunges after our plates.
He sure looks like he's starving... Doesn't he?

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