Saturday, January 10, 2009

Drew's Photo Shoot

These days; its really hard to get good shots of drew as he is always on the move. I decided to spend some time with him taking his photo. He did soooo good! Bless his heart!

I cannot believe how grown up he is starting to look. He is just so smart and full of life - he never ceases to amaze me.

This picture made my heart flutter. I LOVE that smile and it is very hard to get this boy to acutally smile for photos these days. He will say "pickles" but will never smile.

Lord help me... These boys have me wrapped around their little fingers!

Oh Samuel... maybe I'll find something else to photograph...

I took a picture of this stuffed animal in your crib... He looked like he needed some attention.


Heres Samuel again - eating his ceral with pears. UMMM UMMM good.

I missed a day...

Oh my stinkin heck... I missed a day - I even took my dang camera to work that day... Did I get a photo??? Nooooo... Sorry, I already screwed this up.

Poor Sam...

I can't keep the cameral out of his face... Here he is in his green snowsuit. I love it! I think it really makes his blue eyes pop.
Again this is SOOC.... I'm lazy - plus my kiddos are sooo cute that they don't need photo shop!

Hulk Boobies

Drew baby loves his "hulk boobies"... They are actually pj's that I bought at Wal-Mart.. Here he is brushing his teeth before bed.
Its obvious that I've been in a rush - this photo hasn't been edited.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Our Tree Tells a story....

Now we have sweet little Sammy to add to our family. I think this one is my favorite - It still doesn't feel complete. We need to add at "least" one more.

In 2006, we added our Drew baby. I'll never forget it... As a new mom, I was head over heels in love with my new boy... As you can see - Mollie and Ginger have been kicked off of our Christmas ornament.. Sorry girls.

This ornament was given to us in 2005. Mollie and Ginger were our only two children and we all got plenty of sleep every night... We were so happy as newlyweds - expecting our first child and so excited about what our future might bring.
We won't have any additions in 2009 - hopefully 2010! Maybe I'll get my girl!

Happy 3rd Birthday Lizzie!

Lizzies 3rd Birthday party was yesterday. We went to Chuck E Cheese. I didn't really get many good shots of Lizzie but I did get a good one of Drew and Addy...

I am posting them both for your enjoyment!

Photo of the day for January 2nd

Excuse the dead rabbits... My husband is very proud of this photo. Its rabbit hunting season in these parts and my husband thought that it would just be hilarious to paste gingers head on my father in laws body...

To be very honest... I didn't take any photos today so I have no other choice but to post this here.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

First Post... Goals

One of my goals for 2009 is to post at least one photo per day... For me, this goal may be a little "ambitious" as I don't always follow through. Its a real problem that I have. Knowing this about myself, I have already made a compromise ... If I can't post everyday - I can at least shoot one photo per day.

This one is of my Sam. I cannot keep my camera off of him. Here he is looking out the window at grandmas. I used this because he is so new to this world. I love the peaceful look that he has. Its almost as if he's really thinking about something!

Christmas Day

Brandon and I are really trying hard to make Christmas about love and togetherness and not the gifts.... Well, this year that didn't really work for our oldest boy. Not because we didn't do a good job but because he was inundated with gifts and for a two year old, there is no way possible to divert his attention away from all of these shiny new toys and make him be happy to be with his family.

When Drew gets a little older, we will encourage him to volunteer at a soup kitchen during the holidays. It is just so important for him to know how blessed he is.