Monday, May 3, 2010

Houston... We Have a Problem... Potentially.

For Christmas this year, my boys were so lucky to receive a whole McDonald's set... Drive Thru headset and all... I really hope that this is not Sam's life goal - to become a McDonald's drive thru worker...

Notice that he has the headset on backwards...

*note - nothing against those who work for McDonalds... Sam's own mother ran a drive thru at Kentucky Fried Chicken for six years... Yes - six years.

Homeboy's Crazy

Check out Drew in his throwback "Rays Jewelers" jersey... That thing belonged to Brandon when he was a kid and it is Drew's most prized possession when it comes to his wardrobe anyway.

He wears that number "6" with such pride... He's a true badass! Check him out!
Mother's lock up your daughters... The toothless legend is on the prowl.

Sammy's First Haircut

Oh my those curls are gone.... Lord help me... My children are growing way to fast!

So its been a while!!!

Why are boys so hard to photograph??? They both looked precious on Easter this year but I could not get a decent shot of Drew to save my life.

This is about as good as it gets... He wouldn't even sit on my lap for a picture. I really wanted to show how cute their outfits were!

I did manage to get one good one of Samuel... As you can see, he doesn't care!