Saturday, June 13, 2009

Garden, Mulberries, Christmas Trees and Killer Bees

The rain really did help our veggies to start to sprout! Not a huge difference but there is a difference. There is quite a lot of upkeep but as you can tell, we have our share of clover overgrowth. I wish the deer would munch on that instead of my husbands prized garden!

Looks kinda muddy to me.....

Our green beans are coming up. When its time to pick those - I will run far far away. Brandon will want to can in our garage and he gets very bossy. My dislike for this activity is so great that I can honestly say that I would much rather watch paint dry.

This little mini pine tree is in the middle of our backyard. Brandon mentioned that he would love to cut it down because he hates to mow around it. Drew asked if we could use it as our Christmas tree next year! Boy he sure is resourceful.

This tree here is a wildlife haven. There are deer tracks all over the place because the ground is COVERED in mulberries. What do you do with them? Can you eat them??? If anyone knows these answers please leave me a comment. Even if there is no use, the tree is beautiful and I love it!

This is just so that you understand how much I love that mulberry tree. Brandon better never ask to cut it down. I don't care if he doesn't like to mow around it!

See those red things???? When my sister and I were little girls we used to call them strawberries but our dad told us that we would get diarrhea and we could die if we ate them.... I totally never tried it - I've been trying to think of something to tell Drew but I don't want to traumatize him with visions of diarrhea and death.... Maybe my dear husband can think of something.

See this? This is a bee. I hate bees. Whatever is in their stinger is lethal to me. My body doesn't handle stings and I do not want to have to jab that pen into my thigh.... Just so you know this photo was taken with a zoom lens. I'm not crazy - I stay far away. Please don't judge me for this but I am secretly ecstatic that there is a current shortage of bees... They are killers.


  1. Yes, you can eat mulberries! They're really good - kind of a blackberry flavor.
    And I'm not judging, but you do know it would be difficult to get stuff pollinated without the bees, right? ;-)

  2. do you have any recipes??? i guess i could look them up online... :)