Saturday, June 13, 2009

Forgotten Dogs....

Since Mollie and Ginger are featured in the title of my blog; it is only appropriate for me to introduce them to you. Often times they get left by the wayside for the boys but they are loyal companions and most importantly part of our crazy family. Oh - and they are probably the number one reason that people don't visit - doghair.

Both of our girls are downright mutts! One of their "mixes" is for sure a beagle but other than that your guess is as good as mine. We adopted both of them from the Floyd County Humane Society the day that we moved into this house in March of 2004.

For the first couple years of their lives, they had our attention all to themselves. They were (still are) spoiled and we worried about how they would adjust once Drew came along. They took to him right away. Mollie would sit by his bassinet each night until he fell asleep - She was the perfect babysitter.

This is pretty Ginger. The only good anology that I can think of to explain Gingers personality is that she is the dog equivilant of a "dumb blond". She sure is pretty but good Lord that dog is stupid. Besides her lack of common sense, I do love Ginger. She was my pick and there have been so many times that I wanted to just let her out the front door to never come back. Once I see that cute little face, I ususally get over being mad at her - she can't help it.
Here's my Mollie. Mollie is one of the smartest dogs that I've ever seen. Not to sound like one of those "Crazy Dog People", I truly believe that this girl can understand certain conversations. She is very protective of these boys and our home. She is the definition of unconditional love and for that I will always hold Mollie close to my heart. Drew even calls her his "flavorite sister". Look at this serious face. She's probably worried right now because both boys are out of her sight.

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