Sunday, November 30, 2008

Missing her....

Well my mamaw died November 9th - LAST YEAR. No, I didn't forget about it this year... I think just really tried not to think about it. Trust me, I did this subconsciously.

I miss her. It hurts really bad sometimes. There was a time not so long ago, that I thought for sure that she would live to be "at least" 90. One could imagine how depressed I am that she died at 80. To me, she had ten more freakin years... "at least".

So mamaw, I miss you and love you. Please tell papaw that I love him too. Watch Drew and Sam when I can't. By the way, I know that you are the one putting those little thoughts into my head when I'm unsure about a decision to make about the kiddos (ie. sugar on the pacifier). You're insight is appreciated!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Samuel and Preton's Baptism

The babies were baptized last night along with Simon Edward Schillmiller. All three boys were very well behaved - well my Drew was sure curious of what Father John was "doing to my babies head"...

Samuel was the only one in a Christening Gown. Preston and Simon were both wearing little suits which were definately cute but I think the gowns are much more traditional. We finally got a picture of Preston and Sam together!!! Preston was once so tiny but he is REALLY starting to catch up with Sammy!

We chose Rachel and Regina to be Sam's godparents because they truly are devoted Catholics and more importantly to us, just very good people who love both of our children so much. We are very fortunate that they are in our lives!

Sam took the cold water on his head very well... He didn't cry at all - I will say that it did seem as if he was slightly shocked by the way he jerked and blinked. Overall, he did a very good job!

Election Day....

The joy that I felt on election day this year was one that I cannot begin to put into words. I've spent the past months explaining to Drew how important it is that Barack Obama becomes our president.

The happines that I felt was so overwhelming that I felt compelled to take pictures of my sleeping sons so that they could know what they were doing while the news stations delcared Barack Obama the new President Elect...

Drew was sleeping in his clothes and Sammy was in his swing because he was so congested... Not very exciting - I know but at least they will know what they were doing during this important moment in American history!

Halloween - The Real Day

As a child, my sister and I would come home from school on Halloween and dress in our costumes so that my dad could walk us around the neighborhood in effort to collect so much candy that we could barley carry the bag home.

When Brandon was little, he lived in a very rurual area so they just "drove around" to different family members houses - to me it seems more like a "photo session" for his mom and aunts but thats just me.

As my boys grow older, I will take them to the neighborhood where I grew up to trick or treat. I hate this "driving" around and will refuse to do so. The only good thing was that we got to see Lizzie and Preston and I had a chance for my own "photo session"!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I LOVE THIS DAY!!! - Bumper Stickers

Change is here.... Oh and don't we all deserve it! What a wonderful feeling... I feel American again - patriotic, and so excited to live in this GREAT country! I pondered today about how I would rub it into my conservative friends but I will not do that! I'm taking the high road and will be satisfied with being happy with our new president who is not an old white guy!!!