Friday, June 12, 2009

bath fun...

I have waited for this day since long before Samuel came into our lives. I always thought about what it would be like for Drew to have a sibling to play in the tub with. Well, I found out today. Drew was so gentle with his baby brother. He helped him and even shared his beloved bath toys.

For those of you who were wondering - I do bathe my children but little boys are dirty little creatures... Drew always has that puppy dog smell and you can go through this very blog and his face is filthy in just about every photo. You really do learn to love it - I know that the day will come when he becomes hopelessly interested in girls and he will be obsessed with showering and cologne. I'm not ready for that so for now, I will enjoy that sweaty puppy dog stage and attempt to burn these images into my mind.

He is so hard to photograph. He literally keeps his head down or stands backwards to me. He's even started to say "no pictures mom". I'm tired!

This was Samuel's first ever bubble bath and as you can tell, he was very interested in them. He went under twice and it scared the daylights outta him. He didn't let it get him down! He kept going after those bubbles until they were all gone.
By the time this bath was over they both looked like two little prune`s!

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  1. Abigail gets that doggy smell too, and we don't even have a dog. I think it's a playing outside thing.