Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Day with Elaine and more....

Yesterday, Drew was sent home from school with a fever of 102. Turns out, it was just and ear infection. Needless to say, he couldn't go to daycare so we called Elaine Jacobi to ask if she could watch him today. She was so kind to let him tag along with her today! Apparently, they did some shopping!

She bought him these shoe which he freakin LOVES - he made me keep the lights off in the restroom while he went potty so that he could see them light up.

She also must have heard that Drew loves water guns... Besides eating boogers and playing tee-ball shooting water guns is like his favorite activity. We shoot off the deck almost every night!

He's not allowed to point the guns at any people. He does like to point them straight up in the air and see how far he can shoot.

Here is his arsenal! He's very proud of it! He already told me that he would prefer to go to Elaine and Jessica's house instead of school. I'm sure it is pretty fun over there. I hear she has all the batman toys in the world.
Thanks for a GREAT day Elaine!!

More birds.... I know you're happy. This sparrow has his head stuck in the feeder trying to eat as much seed as possible...

He's full now - maybe he'll go take a nap. I think he may be afraid to leave his post in case that crazed/confused squirrel comes back and tries to steal all of the food. I don't blame him - I don't like it when people steal my food either.

Here's our pretty friend with the red stripe on his back. I think he's been grandfathered in to our family. We do have a "slight" obsession with watching these guys. I'll probably buy a few more feeders this weekend and hang them around the rest of the yard. Maybe I can start a hummingbird refuge.

Here is Samuel - showing his sister some love. I love this! Mollie is so good with these kids. She is always watching over them. I guess she doesn't trust me to watch him in the bath tub so she stands there the whole time. She does occasionally drink the water - Sam doesn't mind!

Goodnight from Samuel! Oh and Mollie - she'll probably sleep by his door! Let us know if you need a babysitter - she's cheap - really cheap.

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