Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cut it up and Make it Fresh....

Yesterday evening, we were out in the garden checking on its progress and Drew and Brandon walked over to the Pear Tree. Drew loves pears and he is just dying to eat one or two....or three of them.

Brandon explained to Drew that the pears aren't ripe so we can't eat them. Being a typical three year old, Drew decided that he would prove his dad wrong and pick a couple. He said that he really wanted "free of them but I only have two hands".

Here he is trying to bite into that pear. I'm sure it had the consistency of a rock and if he did get to the actual fruit I would imagine that it would be beyond tart! He said "c'mon mommy - lets go inside and cut it up and make it fresh!" It was pretty funny watching him pretend to love that little pear. I'm not sure what "cut it up and make it fresh" means but I thought it was a pretty big order for such a little boy. With Drew, you never know what will come out of that little mouth.

He tried and tried to eat that thing. Without front teeth its probably pretty hard to do - he has trouble with apples and those are always ripe!

He's such a sweet boy! After a winter of being stuck inside watching cartoons! Its nice to be able to take him outside and teach him!

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