Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Eve 2008

Our Christmas starts very early on Christmas eve each year. This year, I was totally running around that day doing last minute shopping so I have vowed to myeself that I will not do that next year... My New Years Resolution list is coming very soon.... You will find this "vow" in some form on that.

We showed up to Mass twenty minutes late and since Drew had diareah the day before, we decided that Brandon and Drew wouldn't be there so Sammy and I stood in the back of the church. Much to my suprise, this wasn't bad at all - the view was really goOnce Mass ended, Brandon picked us up and I realized that I forgot to purchase the two-liters that we were supposed to take to the Didat Christmas party so we had to make a pit stop at Jacobi's. Drew was crying because he wanted to go into the gas station - he has an obsession with them.

We arrived at Robert and Emma's and it really started to feel Christmasy.... All four of our kiddos were dressed alike and everyone seemed to be in a really good mood. My only regret is that we didn't get a photo with all four of them. Every time the opportunity presented itself, one of them had to pee or was crying...

Santa Claus visited like he does each year and Drew was really excited about that. He ran right up to him when in years before he cried and cried and cried.... Lizzie still wasn't as warm to Santa so we really didn't get any good shots of all of them. My Sam sure was fascinated by that beard.
We left the Didat's a little later than we should have and we made it to the Withrows a little later than normal also. It was really good to see Leslie and Gracie and to just be with all of my cousins. I still love it that Drew has the opportunity to play with my cousins kids. It makes me all nostalgic!

Thanksgiving... a little late

Well, Thanksgivng for us consists of three stops. Brandon and I ususally drive separately because I don't force him to go to desert at my uncles house. Luckily, its our last stop. I don't have any pictures this year because.... This post is very random and full of "run ons"... Thats the kind of mood I'm in today....

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Card Picture

Every year, I torture Drew by making him do tricks for the photo that I use for our Christmas card. The first year... This is what I did. Poor thing - my camera sucked so I had to take like 200 pictures before I got a few good ones.

Last year, there was so much going on that I only had time for one... It wasn't staged - okay I did put the gold ribbon over his shoulder but he was playing in the bin...

This year sure was a treat... I took 50 and got 7 really good ones... Not bad for having 2 to photograph. I will only post my favorite.

I really do love doing this... I can't wait too see how many kids we add to our family over the next few years!!