Friday, June 26, 2009

Drew's First Field Trip.... Huber's

It was his first field trip and most importantly - his first trip on a real yellow school bus. He was beyond excited about this big event! Brandon went with him - I really was a tad bit jealous but I had way too much going on at work!

The above photo is of him on the bus. Brandon took these pics... I'm really not sure what kind of face Drew was making. It is a new one to me.

Here are a few of the kiddos sitting on some kind of concrete animal. Drew doesn't look very interested does he? Knowing him, he'd probably rather be picking his nose.

Here he is on the "John Deere Tractor".... That's what he called it anyway. He takes driving seriously.... I really hope he's that serious about it when he turns 16!

They let the whole class go down that slide TOGETHER!!! I guess they know what they're doing. My mother works there and my husband was a chaperon so surely to goodness if those children were in danger - one of them would have intervened. *** Note - Drew knocked his teeth out at school while reaching for MY MOTHER!

Here are all the little "darlins" together. They sure do have it together ---- don't they?
Overall - Drew baby is still super stoked about his trip! I just wish that Brandon would have had someone snap a photo of them together. Oh yeah, Brandon had the honors of taking all of the little boys to the potty! There was no time for family photos!

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