Sunday, October 26, 2008

Trick or Treat at Buffalo Trace and my Birthday

We dressed the boys up in their Halloween costumes so that we could take them to Buffalo Trace Park for early Trick or Treating.

I had so much fun putting Drew's cowboy costume together... He really did look cute. I normally hate store bought costumes but I have to say, I did purchase Sammy's cow costume off of eBay. I thought about making him and Indian but never really got there! I'm so glad that I bought it because it kept him very warm and he looked precious!

Drew got plenty of candy and seemed to have a really good time. Maybe its just because I'm his mom but I really think that his costume could have won a contest! I mean, it wasn't elaborate but there was truly thought put into it!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Being the mommy of two boys is really fun. I' m sure I would feel the same way if I had a girl but I don't know any different right now. Along with the fun of having a boy comes the uncomfortable instances that arise when Drew references his penis or how much he likes my boobies. To be honest; there are times where I am left absolutely speechless - for those who know me --- occasions like this are rare.

Just the other day, I was undressing to shower (we aren't modest in my house) and Drew looks at me and says, "mommy are those spiders on your penis". I was caught so off guard that I couldn't say anything at all. Really, there was a perfectly appropriate response but I just didn't go there!

The purpose of this is to try to keep some sort of record of all of these things that he says.... Hopefully I'll do better because I don't have the discipline to write all of them down...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Punkin Patch...

We took the boys to the punkin patch at Hubers Yesterday. We got 3 punkins and Drew got to play with Austin in the barnyard.

I did have trouble getting both boys to look at the camera at the same time!!!

Drew suprised me by wanting to go down the slide. I thought for sure that he would get to the top and freak but he didn't! He didn't waste any time when he got to the top! He said "look mom" and just flew down that huge slide!!

My sam just sat in his stroller watching people. He really was good considering that the dust was horrible and the sun was in his eyes constantly!

We had a really good time. Our trip to the punkin patch really made me excited for fall... I know its a little late but at least I'm finally there! Drew was so upset when we left... He kept saying, "I don't want to leave Old McDonald had a farm".

The Jacobi Family

Since just one year before I met Brandon, the Jacobi family has been getting together at Grandma Jacobi's house to honor her memory the Sunday before her birthday by exchanging angels. I didn't quite understand how special it was until I lost my own grandmother.

This year, we exchanged angels but I only brought for the boys. This angel is Drew's. It came from Elaine Efkeman (Susan's oldest sister).

This angel is from Heather Jacobi (Craigs wife). It went to baby Sam.

In addition to the angel exchange, we all got together to eat and have fun. It was such a beautiful day and all of the little boys and girls played outside in the same yard that Brandon and his cousins played in when they were younger. It really made me happy to know that my boys come from such strong, large families. These are memories that I hope that they will hold dear forever.

Sammy and Luke are exactly seven days apart and they were soooo cute! They are about the same size and would just look at eachother like, "Hey, what are you"? It was precious. We laid baby Preston next to them to see how small he really is!

This morning while writing this entry, I explained to my Drew that even though his Great Grandma Jacobi is in heaven, she still watches over him along with several other angels. He didn't really understand but I think it is important that he knows about her. She never knew any of ther great grandchildren as the first one (Walker) came right after her death. I know that she was smiling down on us that day and I hope that she knows that she is loved.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Preston James Didat - My new nephew

Preston is such a little cutie!!! He's so tiny compared to my monster babies. I can't believe that Jim and Susan have 4 grandchildren! I grew up in a family where I had 16 cousins on one side and part of me hates it that Drew and Sammy won't know what that is like. They will have their second cousins but it still doesn't quite seem to be the same!

Check out baby Preston! He's a cutie!

Yes... I got it!

Tuesday at 4:30, I was holding my baby Sammy when the telephone rang.... It was Kim Blanding, my new manager. SHE OFFERED ME THE JOB!!! I couldn't believe it! Here I had spent about three weeks making fun of Sarah Palinisms as she would stumble like an idiot through her interviews and I thought that I was being paid back for all of my harsh words because I didn't present myself in the best light during my interview with Kim and Jackie... Well and then I realized that I wasn't running for VP of the United States of America but thats another day...

Anyway - I'm busy as hell - there's a lot to do and I'm ready! I wouldn't want to do this job at any other company as there is a clear understaning that family/life balance is essential to employee satatisfaction... I am rambling again but I'm just so happy! I've waited for this for a long time! My day has come!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Family... Brandons Family

Normally, we go the the lake every weekend in October trying to soak in every drop of fall weather before the real cold sets in... This year is a little different with the arrival of our Sam this past July. Not that Sammy can't go camping ; we just happen to have a very BUSY two year old boy and with Sam in the mix; we have just kind of nixed the idea for this year.

The Didat's have a mini family reunion every October so we decided to go. Lizzie and Drew had so much fun eating fruit roll ups and playing out side.

Sammy didn't have a bad time either... He was passed around and cuddled by just about everyone. He looked so cute in his mongramed bib that the girls at work gave him when he was born!


After the first ever Hurricane that swept through Indiana last month; we realized that there were hundreds of beer cans all over our yard! How embarrassing... We've been collecting them on the side of the garage so that we can take them to the recycling center. Well, this is what we get for being procrastinators!