Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tulip Valley - O'Bannon Woods

This is a hiking path at O'Bannon Woods. I took these photos on September 26th! Everything was still very summery and green.

We are going to spend the day there with my parents today and I cannot wait to take photos of all of the changing leaves. I'm sure these little yellow guys won't be there.

The ground always looks like fall because of the natural way that the leaves fall and stay on the forest floor each year. As a part of the eco system - the decaying leaves put nutrients back into the forest so that trees, plants and animals can all live there. This is the exact reason that you aren't supposed to take anything - not event the dead leaves out of the park as even though they have fallen from the trees they still have a very important purpose.

I wonder if this rock will still be "mossy". There has been some rain and all of the leaves are starting to change around us. Fungus and how/where it lives is not something that I know a lot about - I just know that it will be beautiful!

I can't wait to see the park and post photos when we get back to compare the difference in just a months time!

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