Monday, October 26, 2009

Sammy & Rachel

Some folks may think that having two godmothers is strange - but I don't. My Sammy has two godmothers, Rachel and Regina and they are both very special ladies who LOVE both of our boys very much. I usually always get a photo of both of them with Sam but we were at a birthday party and things were quite hectic. I love this photo of them. She truly loves him and even though you can't see their actual facial expressions - you can feel her love for him by the way she looks at him. I am confident that both Rachel and Regina consider my boys to be "precious cargo" and I know that they will guide Sammy through his life as involved and willing Godparents.

Rachel and Regina, you both mean so much to us! We love you and are so proud that you agreed to be Sam's Godparents!

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