Saturday, October 24, 2009

My boys on a beautiful fall day....

What a blessed family we are... I love that my boys are able to appreciate the beauty of nature at such a young age. Sam caught a leaf that fell from the tree and was clearly amazed by its beauty. He kept saying "pretty, pretty". He pointed at the trees all day and would giggle each time that the wind would gust.

That leaf kept my baby occupied for more than five minutes. That is an eternity with a one year old - their attention span is like a nano second or something.

Here's Drew during our hike in the beautiful Tulip Valley. He looked down the valley in amazement. Drew is fascinated by the fact that the woods are "the houses of all the animals and bugs". As most you know, my dear sweet husband is a hunter and loves every minute of it. Naturally, some may think that he has a low respect for animals and other living things but it is actually the exact opposite. Brandon has taught Drew that when he is outside that he shouldn't kill the bugs or damage trees because we are in "their house". He teaches him all about nature and I am so thankful for that.

Look, my boy is already sporting the Carhart and camo backpack. I always thought that it would be a hard pill for me to swallow since I'm not exactly all that fond of guns (most liberals aren't) but it isn't. That child has such a bond with his father already. Brandon spends so much time teaching them. I am lucky -very lucky. Brandon and both of our sons will spend many years together hunting, fishing and respecting the outdoors just as Brandon has with his father and brother for many years.

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