Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandma Susan!

Last month (i know - it takes a long time for me to get these up) we celebrated my mother in laws birthday. She is a pretty special lady and has four grandchildren who absolutely adore her! As you can see by the way that she is looking at Sammy, she's pretty crazy about them too!

Look at Sam and Preston - Double trouble... Is it just me or is Samuel a giant?

Oh Lord - this is double trouble.... You never know what you will get with these two!


  1. u have a really nice website and I love how u capture the moments on ur the pictures and black and white
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  2. Lovely pictures. What a joyful website. I know you have your hands full, but you sound as though you have a great attitude and that will help you climb that ladder faster than anything. God's blessings!