Sunday, October 11, 2009

Starting to Changge...

A couple of weeks ago - well, maybe like 3 weeks ago... Drew and I took a drive so that I could snap some pics of all of the green that has surrounded us this summer turn into beautiful shades of brown, red, yellow and orange.

I've always loved this silo - it was one of the first things that I noticed when we moved here. The soy beans are still green with just a hint of yellow and brown. Today, they are almost all brown. I'll try to get down there so that I can get some updated photos. Not that anyone cares about some silo in the middle of the country....

The rows of corn are still pretty green - I did drive by there yesterday and they were completely brown! Fall in the country, oh how I love you!


  1. The texture you got in these photos is incredible!

  2. Hey! Are you playing with filters or lenses or is that lighting in the silo photo? Very cool.