Saturday, August 9, 2008

Maternity Leave....Projects and such! Diet!!!

My maternity leave will be cut short... Much shorter than I would like so that means that I have no choice but to start working on this house! I have a "longer" road ahead of me than I would like to admit but I will get there... Now that Brandon and I are parents of two - it is important that we are organized!! I can't wait to start all of these projects this week... Maybe I'll jumpstart something this evening!!!

Monday - Kitchen: clean out cabinets, pantry, fridge and freezer; scrub walls, windows, countertops, floors and appliances
Tuesday - Living Room: windows, doors, walls, trim; adjust the sofa cover, sort toys and clean out closet
Wednesday - Bathrooms, top to bottom.... even brandons! Master closet
Thursday - Sam's Room - have brandon take doors out, carpet, remove quilt rack and organize the closet. Hang pictures and other decorations.
Drews Room - carpet, closet, toys, books and have brandon hang curtains
Friday - Bedroom - Sort clothes for consignment, dust, windows and floor

In addition to these projects, I will start my diet... Yikes! I'm scared to see how much I weigh but its all good - I just have to keep going!

Now, I just have to convince Brandon to paint the kitchen and living room before I go back to work! I can't wait to post pics by the end of the week!!!

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