Thursday, August 14, 2008


Poor Drew... My oldest baby boy woke up at 1:00am because he puked in his bed. We heard him scream for us on the monitor so Brandon went running. About that time, Sammy was waking up for his next feeding so things proceeded to sort of fly off the handle.

First of all, Brandon put Drew in bed with me wearing only his pullup (just for the record, pull ups are reserved ONLY for bed in this house)... I could smell vomit but Brandon assured me that it "wasn't that bad". After only a few short seconds, I knew; "Yes it was". We took Drew out of our bed only to realize that it was all in his hair. Slightly irritated that Brandon didn't check his hair considering that he first noticed the mess on his PILLOW; I proceeded to run bath water and clean him off.

Once he fell asleep, it was so nice to sleep next to my boys - all three of them! Even the bigger one!

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