Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mamaw's Roses

My mamaw died in November after a short battle with Emphysema and probably lung cancer. Strangely enough, the day that she passed was the same day in which Sam was conceived. I can't help but think that there is some significance in these two events. Its almost like God knew that we needed something happy to help us to go on so he gave Sammy to us.

There were a lot of things that I could name that my grandma loved such as; Coca Cola, Thomas Kinkaid, kittens, puppies, babies and pretty flowers. I can still remember the rose bushes along the fence at her house on 2nd Street. She talked about how pretty they were each year when they would bloom. When she moved to Southland Blvd; she had pink rose bushes along the fence as well as on the side of the house that were over 1oo years old. Once again, she would always talk about how pretty they were as they would bloom.

This year, being the first year that she is gone, her roses had a hard time. For some reason, they didn't bloom very well. I think maybe her roses were mourning her too.

As I sat in my hospital room, Judy Nall came in with a vase that contained two pink roses. She said with tears in her eyes; "these roses are from mamaws house". Being that I had just delivered a baby the night before, I had a difficult time really feeling anything - it was strange really. I did have a hard time telling my mom where they came from just because I know how much she misses my mamaw.

Here we are, three weeks later and the roses are dead and are still in the vase in which they were given to me. I can't throw them out. Knowing me, I probably won't. They just remind me of her so much. I miss her and if I threw them away, I would be getting rid of a part of her. Hopefully, I'll find a place for my dried roses. Maybe I'll be able to preserve them enough for Sam to keep.

My mamaw may be gone but she will never be forgotten.

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  1. This post made me tear up. I miss my Grandma too and it's been twelve years. I know you loved your Mawmaw very much and you have wonderful stories to tell your boys so they will always know how special a person she is.