Saturday, January 9, 2010

Snow Day!!!

Now that I am an adult -the idea of snow doesn't really excite me all that much. Probably because I live 40 miles from where I work and it makes it impossible to get there... I'm not one of these people who risk my life to make it to work. When I didn't have kids it was a much different story - so maybe I should rephrase... I'm not going to risk their LIVES so that I can go to work.

Drew waited all day for Brandon to get home so that he could throw snowballs and make a snowman! The snow was pretty powedery so it was hard for Drew them to make snowballs let alone a snowman...

There wasn't much "still" time and it was really hard to snap a photo of both of them together... This is all I got.

Well, I did get this really cute one of him watching for his dad to come back out... It really wouldn't be bad if he didn't have snot running everywhere!

That's just how it is with little boys. Snot, snot and more snot... It rules the world - you could shoot a Mucinex commercial around both of my kids.

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