Friday, January 1, 2010

Ike and Sam...

Look at these two Jokers! This picture was taken last year at their first "Withrow Christmas Eve". Obviously, they are both teething and chewing their fingers like crazy boys. They were supposed to be 4 weeks apart but since Ike's mom went 2 weeks late and I went almost 3 weeks early, they ended up only being born one week apart!

Here they are this year... Look at that gut on my kiddo. He outgrew his Christmas outfit this year but I squeezed it on him anyway. They still aren't real interested in each other - maybe next year! I hope Janet keeps that chair forever.... its a good way to measure how much they've grown!!!
I wonder if we'll be able to get them into that chair when their sixteen!!!

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  1. How crazy is it that I've met Ike and not Sam? Hope to see you and your boys sometime this year!