Sunday, January 10, 2010


Drew sure did have fun yesterday! We took Sam to my parents so that we could really concentrate on Drew having a good time. There was snow, hot chocolate, chili, chesse dip and plenty of laughter. Drew went down the hill with Austin most of the time.

Austin, as always is so patient with Drew. He always lets Drew have the front of the sled and I really don't think he went down one time without Drew.  It was really fun to watch - normally I'm pretty protective but Austin is very mature for his age and I know that he will make sure (to the best of his ability) that Drew won't get hurt.

Here they are heading down the hill! Drew was steering - if that's even possible.

Back up the hill... This photo is a trick. It really looks like Drew is coming up by himself.

Austin graciously pulled all 30lbs of him up the hill EVERY single time.

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