Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Whatever Wednesday....

Today, I will show you how I attempt to bottle time... with my camera anyway.
Both of these boys have me wrapped around their little fingers so tight that some days I can barely make it up for air.
Over the past several months, I have fallen head over heels with my camera. I love taking pictures of these two. Now by no means am I a professional and will probably never be that good but I have found that there is something very therapeutic about photographing my children. My days at work are sometimes very long and stressful. It is so nice to come home and photograph my two most prized accomplishments - my boys. No matter how down I may be - these two keep me going.
These images are something that I will cherish forever. Each day these two change and I feel so blessed to have the ability to document their lives with my. Day by day, I look at them through my lens and I am reminded of how precious they are. These are moments that we won't get a second chance at!

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