Sunday, May 31, 2009

Random Thoughts....

At the moment, I am fairly sure that I have lost the ability to concentrate on more than one thing at a time. My thoughts are sporadic and terribly random... In other words - Brace yourself!!!
These are my feet... Beautiful right? Not really but I did paint my toenails yesterday. I lack in this area the same way that I do with cleaning my home... My motivation to paint my toenails does not exist. I took this photo to remind me when they begin to chip in a week that I DID indeed paint my toenails.

Here's what I am doing right now... Who needs a Sunday newspaper when you follow about 400 blogs? How in the world do these women have time to blog the way that they do? I'm not judging.. Just jealous!

Brandon is holding Samuel and Drew is in the highchair. Drew is WAYYYYYY too big for his highchair but he still sits there.
Drew is now in timeout for calling Brandon a "jerk".... Where does he hear these things? Just the other day, he called me a "honky". No more cartoon network. Its the devil.

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