Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Damage.

The windstorm that we experienced a couple of weeks ago literaly rocked our world. It was total chaos for three hours all the while we were in our truck with both of our children. We left because a power line very close to our house and we felt that it was unsafe for them to be here. We made it all the way down hwy 150 but once we got to Greenville we were stuck. After "almost" getting to the end of several country roads only to realize that a tree had fallen; we finally made it to Brents. It felt nice to get the boys into someones house. Once it was over we made our way home and this is what I found...

Front Yard

More front yard...

Back Yard

More of the back yard...

There are several from the side yard and very back yard but honestly to you guys they will all look the same. The roof was ripped off of our deck as well as the whole roof to our house is damaged. We had several windows to crack and I lost my birdbath in the front yard. Out of the 50 mature pines that we had in our yard; we now only have 23. This is very sad as we love our yard because of those trees but we will put something else there! Maybe strawberrys!!!

Although that week was less than routine (it was only my second week back to work); we did learn one thing... We are a family and we are lucky that no one was injured. We sat on the porch until there was no more light outside TOGETHER. There was no tv or computer to separate us. I really hope that others took advantage of the power outage!

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