Sunday, September 28, 2008


Having a child with asthma is scary... Especially in the Ohio Valley. Every season brings some sort of pesky allergen that causes most of us to sniffle, itch and run from our eyes and nose but for my Drew, it can mean much more than a nuisance.

You can do things to prevent it but in effort to save his teeth (the ones that he has left) and his future fertility; I don't like to "over do" the steroids so I usually have to play my cards exactly right to keep him from having a full blown attack. He gets a daily dose of singulair in his applesauce no matter what and when he is wheezing I try to give him an in hailed dose of pulmacort along with a decongestant every 12 hours. If I feel that he is struggling in between; the albuterol usually knocks it back down but I don't like to give the albuterol unless the other stuff is obviously not working. Once it was so bad that Dr. Corba prescribe an oral steroid but Drew hated it and threw it up in our kitchen so I just made it work with the nebulizer.

All week long, I have seen it coming. So needless to say we've spent the weekend indoors administering meds as needed. He also sleeps with me when he is like this because I have a fear of him going into respiratory distress and I won't hear him... He seems much better today so we have only given the daily dose of singulair and the decongestant. Hopefully we won't need any of the other stuff! All of these meds are hard on a little boy.

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