Sunday, August 16, 2009


I remember my first rainbow sighting... We were at mamaw's when there was a really bad storm - so bad that there was a tree that uprooted in the front yard. It was pretty scary, a lot of thunder and lightening. As a child, those things are all pretty scary and to be honest most of my memory of that particular storm is just from hearing the story told several times over the years. What I do remember was the rainbow after. "Rainbow Bright" was one of my personal favorites as a little girl - so were the "Care Bears"... Needless to say, I had witnessed my share of animated rainbows but those could not compare to my first real rainbow. There are pictures somewhere but now that my grandmother is gone - they have probably went with one of my aunts or uncles.

My point to this is that at three years old, Drew got to see his first rainbow after last weeks storms. There was no real damage here just a lot of ponding water in our yard that ultimately ended in mosquito infestation but that's another post for another day. I hope Drew remembers this rainbow on our porch - for one thing it is just cool but in this particular instance, Drew got to see a double rainbow which I think is fairly rare.

The storm scared him pretty bad so it was nice to be able to show him that something beautiful resulted from that scary storm.

My boy was pretty much amazed. You can barely see the second rainbow. It really was pretty cool. Have any of you witnessed a rainbow lately?

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