Saturday, August 22, 2009

No photos today...

Samuel was sick this week with a sinus infection....I did take some photos of him while he was sick because believe it or not - he was in the mood to pose. I'll get them off of my camera some time this year.

There is a lot to be done today.

1. Every suit that I own needs to go to the cleaners
2. sweep, mop or vacuum every inch of flooring in all 2400 sq ft of our home
3. unload/reload dishwasher
4.deep clean every room in our house
5. finish laundry - are any of you ever caught up completely?
6. gather at least one more bag of "goodwill" stuff

Seriously, I could so add more to this to do list but it is already after 9am and I haven't started. I wish I had a housekeeper. One of my facebook friends does a "Thursday Deep Clean". Maybe I should try something like that.

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