Monday, August 3, 2009

I'm having a bad Monday...

Soooo.... I decided to blog about my kids. This has been a rough day for my baby - he is teething and when I say teething, I mean that boy is getting like six teeth at once. Bless his little baby heart.

These photos were taken a couple of weeks ago at James's birthday party. Yes - my child licking the front door is probably very unsanitary but my goodness it was funny. He must have liked the taste because he just kept going back for more and more and more.

The next addiction that he discovered was blue sidewalk chalk... Apparently, he didn't like the taste of it by the looks of his face in this picture.

That didn't stop my boy. He gives everything a second chance... Good thing that its non-toxic. He might have eaten the whole box but I just couldn't bare to watch him gag on it for another second.

Next, he decided that he wanted to give the trampoline a try with his big brother.... He had a blast! Just look at that face! I think he's a "thrill seeker" or something. He'll probably be jumping from planes and crazy stuff like that when he gets bigger.

Lord, help me please?

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