Sunday, November 23, 2008

Samuel and Preton's Baptism

The babies were baptized last night along with Simon Edward Schillmiller. All three boys were very well behaved - well my Drew was sure curious of what Father John was "doing to my babies head"...

Samuel was the only one in a Christening Gown. Preston and Simon were both wearing little suits which were definately cute but I think the gowns are much more traditional. We finally got a picture of Preston and Sam together!!! Preston was once so tiny but he is REALLY starting to catch up with Sammy!

We chose Rachel and Regina to be Sam's godparents because they truly are devoted Catholics and more importantly to us, just very good people who love both of our children so much. We are very fortunate that they are in our lives!

Sam took the cold water on his head very well... He didn't cry at all - I will say that it did seem as if he was slightly shocked by the way he jerked and blinked. Overall, he did a very good job!

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  1. I like the christening gowns too. I always have. Not that it matters for me, but I have always liked them. Beautiful photos!