Sunday, November 23, 2008

Halloween - The Real Day

As a child, my sister and I would come home from school on Halloween and dress in our costumes so that my dad could walk us around the neighborhood in effort to collect so much candy that we could barley carry the bag home.

When Brandon was little, he lived in a very rurual area so they just "drove around" to different family members houses - to me it seems more like a "photo session" for his mom and aunts but thats just me.

As my boys grow older, I will take them to the neighborhood where I grew up to trick or treat. I hate this "driving" around and will refuse to do so. The only good thing was that we got to see Lizzie and Preston and I had a chance for my own "photo session"!

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  1. I grew up in a rural area too, so we also drove around. We weren't related to anyone in our area, though, so no photos I'm aware of (well one year a neighbor took photos, but I'm glad because we didn't have a camera that year). This year we took Abigail to her aunt's neighborhood and I did like that better. It just wasn't remotely feasible where we lived.