Sunday, October 26, 2008

Trick or Treat at Buffalo Trace and my Birthday

We dressed the boys up in their Halloween costumes so that we could take them to Buffalo Trace Park for early Trick or Treating.

I had so much fun putting Drew's cowboy costume together... He really did look cute. I normally hate store bought costumes but I have to say, I did purchase Sammy's cow costume off of eBay. I thought about making him and Indian but never really got there! I'm so glad that I bought it because it kept him very warm and he looked precious!

Drew got plenty of candy and seemed to have a really good time. Maybe its just because I'm his mom but I really think that his costume could have won a contest! I mean, it wasn't elaborate but there was truly thought put into it!

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  1. I think both their costumes are very cute. I love the photo of Sam in the basket grinning. You've been tagged!