Sunday, November 15, 2009

Christmas help...

My kids have everything... More toys than I can even name or even begin to try. Santa really wants to make Christmas fun for the kids but he is having a hard time deciding as to what the best presents will be for these two kids.

For Drew's big gift - he is getting an art easel. He loves to do "projects" so I think he will really like that. We may even get both boys "big boy" beds so that we can redecorate their bedroom but that just doesn't seem like a very good Santa gift.

I do know that felt food is something that I'm going to start working on for them as they do have a kitchen set and love to play with it. I'm thinking of making them some kind of race track type thing for their million hotwheels. A handmade chalkboard is something that I know that Drew will love!

Are you seeing the pattern here??? What can I get for Sam? We have leggos, blocks, riding toys and every little people set that exist. Drew has cleaning supplies, musical instruments, workbench, indoor pup tent with a tunnel and a TON of hee-man toys that Brandon had as a child. Drew even has a digital camera!

They need to know the reason behind the gifts - I know they're young but I feel like we put so much into the "gift" part of Christmas and not enough behind the meaning. I want to pour my love into my children by making many of their gifts. They are so little. I don't want to buy gifts that they won't use or appreciate.

Any ideas would be appreciated!


  1. We have so much stuff too. I'm really considering getting rid of a lot of stuff. We have too many hand-me-downs and we just don't need it all! My suggestions: handmade snuggle blankets, simple dolls (boys need to learn nurturing too!), smocks (Bend the Rules Sewing), and aprons. I love your felt food suggestion. I may actually do that this year.

  2. we have a 3 gift tradition at our house, Jesus got 3 gifts so from mom and dad ( no santa here, we respect the pretending but dont present Santa as real) The Boy gets 3 things. this year it is a set of books, a board game and hot wheel race track.

    we have also said that from last friday until christmas each of us has to donate at least one thing per week that we dont need or dont use anymore. its tougher than it sounds too, i had to dig around last week to find something, but i think im on top of things this week, i have had my eye out for the stuff i could live without.

  3. I absolutely like the idea of donating one thing a week. I'll have to consider that idea!