Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Another Peek....

Here's my couch... Not all that great as it is obviously a "slipcover". What I really wanted to show you was the painting above the couch. I have been stalking that thing for 3 weeks! I went to the Goodwill three different times. The first two, that painting had a $15 sticker on it. I told myself that if I went a third time and it was still there, I would use my beloved "$10" off preferred customer coupon. Needless to say, last Saturday, I brought it home with me. Its a hung a little high but I'll just have to have Brandon move it down.

This shelf came into my marriage with Brandon. I pulled it out of the basement "as is" and decorated it with some of my favorite photos and some other items that I've been collecting for a while - all purchased at Goodwill! The cross above the shelf was a $2 good will special! Not bad huh?

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